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  • Use hCard to mark up person's attributes (name/url/username)
  • Use rel-tag on class=url to tag the current page with the user
    • What about sites that don't have good tagspace URIs for their users? There aren't many of these left.

Flickr example

(markup minimized for readability)

            <p class="vcard flickr-user">
               <span class="name">
                  <a class="url" rel="tag" href="/photos/singpolyma/people/weebear/">
                     <img src="..." class="photo xBuddyIcon" />
                     <strong class="fn nickname username">Wee Bear</strong>
                  <span class="n realname">Paul Weber</span>

Facebook example

(markup minimized for readability)

   <span class="vcard"><a class="url fn n" rel="tag" href="">Stephen Paul Weber</a>