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      <ul id="people-tags">      

            <li nsid="25688770@N00">
            <p class="flickr-user" nsid="25688770@N00">
               <span class="name">
                  <a href="/photos/singpolyma/people/weebear/" title="View your photos of Wee Bear. (You added Wee Bear to this photo.)"><img src="  jpg?1118682188#25688770@N00" width="24" height="24" class="xBuddyIcon" id="pt-icon-25688770@N00"></a>
                  <strong class="username"><a href="/photos/singpolyma/people/weebear/" class="photos-of-link" title="View your photos of Wee Bear. (You added Wee Bear to this photo.)">Wee Bear</a></strong>
                  <span class="realname" id="pt-drag-handle-25688770@N00">Paul Weber</span>
                        <span class="controls">
                                             <a href="#" class="pt-add pt-add-active" id="pt-add-25688770@N00" onclick="F.people_taggr.toggleFaceBoundryByNsid('25688770@N00', this); return false;" title="Edit    face boundary?"><span>Edit face boundary?</span></a>
                                                         <a href="#" class="pt-remove delete-x" id="pt-remove-25688770@N00" onclick="F.people_taggr.removePersonByNsid('25688770@N00'); return false;"              title="Remove this person?"><span>Remove this person?</span></a>