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== lookup services ==
== lookup services ==
Twilio provide a [https://www.twilio.com/lookup lookup service] to validate phone numbers.
Twilio provide a [https://www.twilio.com/lookup lookup service][http://www.lampungservice.com/ .] to validate phone numbers.

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A phone number is a series of digits that can be used to place a voice call or send a text message to a landline or mobile phone. This page exists to document efforts to parse, standardise and understand phone numbers.


Phone numbers can be represented using the tel property in both h-card and the legacy hCard 1.0 formats.



libphonenumber is a C++, Java and JavaScript library created by Google that attempts to validate phone numbers.

There are wrappers in a variety of languages:

lookup services

Twilio provide a lookup service. to validate phone numbers.