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Presentational (X)HTML refers to:

  1. (X)HTMLの表現的な要素と属性(意味的なHTMLとは対照的なもの)
  2. 表現的な(X)HTMLを使ってかかれた(X)HTML文書
  3. 表現的な(X)HTMLを使って書く習慣


Presentational Elements

Presentational elements sensu lato can be divided into two groups. "Pure" presentational elements (b, i, small, …) have no semantic meaning. "Abused" presentational elements (table, blockquote, …) have a semantic meaning, but are abused because of their default appearance in browsers (the blockquote element could be used for indenting text, for example).

(This list is incomplete, please add!)


  • b
  • basefont
  • big
  • br (when used for spacing, or when used inappropriately where a div or p would have been semantically correct)
  • center
  • font
  • hr
  • i
  • s
  • small
  • strike
  • tt
  • u
  • ...


  • blockquote (when used for indenting text)
  • table (when used for layout)
  • ...

Presentational Attributes

(This list is incomplete, please add!)

  • align
  • alink
  • bgcolor
  • color
  • face
  • height
  • link (on body)
  • size (on font element)
  • valign
  • vlink
  • width

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