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Profile URIs

In hCalendar issues, it is ACCEPTED that each microformat should have a profile URI, like [the XFN profile].

Some issues include:

  • what domain to use? Candidates include:
  • what about versioning? How to keep in sync with the wiki and test materials?
  • what profile URI to use for combinations, such as hCard 1.0 and hCalendar 1.0?
    • note HTML4.01 states "that one or more meta data profiles, [are] separated by white space"; though it's simpler for authors if they can just use one profile URI.
  • More profiles are needed.

One proposal is: use, following W3C namespace policy. As to versioning, change the profile whenever the wiki changes (within some reasonable latency, say, a couple weeks or a month). For example: an hCard Profile at, and discussion: an hCard profile that seems to work with GRDDL.

Validator warning

Due to an ambiguous wording of the HTML specs, HTMLTidy (and other tools?) give "Warning: <head> escaping malformed URI reference" when more than one profile is used (e.g. <head profile=""> ). However, this is valid according to the W3C HTML validator.

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