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***What is the privacy policy of ratemds.com?
***What is the privacy policy of ratemds.com?
Would love to know the answer to the question posted. How do we know that the ratings on the doctors are from real people? just wondering. apart from that i like it...
===Supplementary questions===
[http://http://www.implantsandperioastoria.com/what-are-dental-implants-astoria-queens.php Dental implants astoria]Albert Malakov, DDS
** several examples, e.g. "What makes you think that's the correct rule?"
==Non-questioning questions==
==Non-questioning questions==

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Question & Answer Examples

Examples of questions & answers on web pages.


Andy Mabbett,Taylor Cowan


Multi-page FAQs

Questions lacking specificity

  • http://www.ratemds.com/faq.jsp
    • What is the purpose of this site?
      • could be: what is the purpose of ratemds.com?
    • Who can rate?
      • "Who can rate MDs on ratemds.com?
    • What is your privacy policy?
      • What is the privacy policy of ratemds.com?

Supplementary questions

Non-questioning questions


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