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This page was prematurely created and does not follow the microformats The microformats process. If you are the creator of this page, please join the discussion on the microformats #microformats on freenode channel, and ask for help with the microformats process. You may also request help on the microformats-new discussion list.


It's difficult to authenticate eco-friendly goods and services online.

  • The proposed solution below is not a solution to the above problem. The proposed solution offers a mechanism by which a service can claim an eco-friendly label, but no way of authenticating that claim.

Proposed Solution

It is premature to propose any brainstormed solution without first at a minimum per the process creating pages to research and collect ecolabel-examples and ecolabel-formats. Only then should proposals be drafted on a ecolabel-brainstorming page.

We are interested in establishing "rel-ecolabel" as a way of identifying ecolabelled (and thus eco-friendly) items (where item = ecolabel certified unit including products, services, companies, land, or any other thing that can be certified eco-friendly) on the World Wide Web.

Definition of an ecolabel:


This section should be moved to a separate page like ecolabel-examples.

previous formats

This section should be moved to a separate page like ecolabel-formats.


This section should be moved to a separate page like ecolabel-brainstorming.