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rel-tag frequently asked questions

This document serves to answer and discuss frequently asked questions specifically about the rel="tag" microformat. You may want to read the rel-faq first as it answers many common questions about the HTML4 "rel" and "rev" attributes, and their linktype values. If you have a new question to ask, Please consider first asking your question on the microformats-discuss ( list.


  1. Where does a rel link belong? I am specifically thinking about the rel="tag" links and my weblog. Does the tag only need to appear in my web feed (RSS / Atom)? Does the tag need to appear on the page where my specific blog entry lies? Does it need to appear everywhere I can possibly imagine?
    • In short, all the places/formats you published tagged content. The web page is always the primary location that users read content, search engines index, and thus the place where you should absolutely be including your rel="tag" links. To tag your blog posts, put the rel="tag" links inside them, visibly. The web feeds are simply alternate ways of publishing your blog posts, thus should include the full content of your blog posts, including your rel="tag" links in those contents.
  2. The format specifies that the tag must 'come after the last / in the path'... but will something like work? or does it have to be a 'real' directory or mod_rewrite? -- singpolyma 23:51, 24 Jan 2006 (PST)
    • The key is the URL. Whether that URL is generated from a database or a directory does not matter. The URL matters.
  3. I'm developing a web application which uses tagging, and so of course I want to use rel="tag". For this I need a nice clean URL, so I was planning to use mod-rewrite to map a clean URL onto my underlying scripts. How do I use Apache's mod_rewrite to map: http://localhost/~phil/app/tag/car to http://localhost/~phil/app/script.php?tag=car ?
    • This should work
<Directory "/home/phil/public_html/app/>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^tag/(.*)$ script.php?tag=$1