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== Charter ==
== Charter ==

[Initial Draft by [[User:DrErnie|Dr. Ernie]] 12:55, 2 Sep 2008 (PDT)]
''[Initial Draft by [[User:DrErnie|Dr. Ernie]] 12:55, 2 Sep 2008 (PDT)]''

Given that:
Given that:

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[Initial Draft by Dr. Ernie 12:55, 2 Sep 2008 (PDT)]

Given that:

  • REST is a powerful architecture for scalable web services
  • JSON is a lightweight container for exchanging data
  • AtomPub, while RESTful, requires XML documents with strict metadata requirements

The goal of the RESTful JSON project is to develop a series of conventions for:

  • URLs
  • HTTP methods
  • HTTP headers
  • JSON fields


  1. is maximally compatible with existing (RESTful, generic) clients
  2. enables partial updates
  3. allows paging and/or partial returns of large datasets
  4. standardizes linking to related resources
  5. use of hypermedia (links + context) to manage application state
  6. does NOT become a full-fledged RPC solution