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Resume Examples

Resumes from the wild

Tantek Çelik


Tantek has a list of his qualifications:

<ul class="quals">
Manager & technical leader (10 years).  Led and set direction for teams of up to 12.


Tantek then lists his employment history:

<h2>Employment & Products</h2>
<ol class="experience">
<li class="job" id="technorati">
<h3><span class="dates">2004 - present</span><a href="" class="company">Technorati</a>,  <a href="" class="location">San Francisco, CA</a></h3>
<h4><span class="dates">2004 July - present</span>
    <span class="jobtitle">Senior Technologist.</span></h4>
Investigate and define new standards and new technologies companywide.  Lead adoption of and implementation of valid semantic XHTML and CSS across all web sites. A primary contributor to the design, development, and launch of <a href=""></a> "Election Watch 2004" site in <em>13 days</em>.
	<div class="completed">
    <h5>Websites Developed and Launched</h5>
    <ul class="websites">
    <li><a href="">Technorati main site</a> (valid XHTML+CSS green redesign, XHTML strict update)</li>
    <li><a href="">Election Watch 2004</a> (initial valid XHTML+CSS release, XHTML strict update with new Attention Index, Charts features)</li>

The implied scheme seems to be (in CSS selectors):

ol li.job
ol li.job .dates
ol li.job .company
ol li.job .jobtitle
ol li.job .completed
ol li.job .products

The set of .jobtitle, .completed and .products is repeated for cases where he had more than one position at a company.


Tantek also has a section on patents:

<div class="patents" id="patents">
<h2><abbr title="United States">US</abbr> Patents</h2>
<div class="issued">
	<h3 class="sidelabel">Issued(6):</h3>
	<li id="PatNo5752056" value="5752056">
	<h4><a href=",752,056&OS=&RS=">System for binding document parts and handlers by fidelity of parts or by automatic translation of parts</a></h4>
     <a class="altlink" href="">(delphion US05752056)</a> 
    <a class="inventor">[sole inventor]</a></li>

I'm not going to dig into this, because I already doubt it will be common enough for inclusion. --RyanKing 13:33, 18 Jan 2006 (PST)


<div class="publications" id="publications">
<h2>Publications & Presentations</h2>

<h3 id="recs">Recommendations and Candidate Recommendations (CRs)</h3>

<li>Çelik T.
"<a class="title" href="">CSS3 Basic User Interface Module</a>"
<a class="publisher" href="">W3C Technical Reports and Publications</a>
<<a class="URL" href=""></a>>

Definite material for citation microformat work. Need analysis in that context. --RyanKing 13:33, 18 Jan 2006 (PST)


<h3 id="presentations">Invited Presentations</h3>
<li>Marks K, Çelik T.
"<a class="title" href=""> Semantic XHTML: Can your website be your API? - Using semantic XHTML to show what you mean</a>",
<a class="publisher" href=""><abbr title="Software Development Forum">SD Forum</abbr></a> 
<a class="event" href="">Web Services <abbr title="Special Interest Group">SIG</abbr></a>,
<span class="location">eBay's Silicon Valley Conference Center 2161 North First Street San Jose, CA 95131</span> 
(28 September 2004)

Tantek has a list of presentations, which includes presenters' names, event URL, publisher (seems to be used like 'organizer'), the event (ie, conference, workshop) URL and name, location and date.


<div class="education">
<li class="school">
<h3><span class="dates">20 June 2001</span><a href="" class="institution">Edward Tufte</a></h3>
    <ul class="courses">
    <li><a href="">Presenting Data and Information</a></li>

Tantek lists his education, including 'dates', a list of 'courses' (which includes name and optional URL) and list of degrees.


<div class="awards" id="awards">
<li><span class="dates">2004</span>
 <a href="">SXSW interactive conference</a>, 
 <!--<a href="">--><a href="">Top rated moderator (4.70 out of possible 5.0)</a>.</li>

List with dates, event name, url and award name.


<div class="interests">
<h2>Other Interests</h2>
  <li>Alternative transport: skate, bicycle, motorcycle. Run? Only <a href="" target="m">when chased</a>.</li>


<h2>Member of</h2>
<ul><li><a href="">Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (<abbr>CPSR</abbr>)</a> (life),</li>

List of memberships/affiliations, each with URL and name.

Dan Connolly

Dan Connolly (needs elaboration for MIT purposes; has been GRDDL'd to some extent)


For affiliations, Dan has:

<div class="affiliation">
<em class="position">Research Scientist</em><br />
<b class="org">MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (<a rel="aff"

Not sure what rel="aff" means. --RyanKing 17:17, 17 Jan 2006 (PST)


For contact info:

<div class="contact">
<span class='street'>200 Technology Square</span>
<span class='city'>Cambridge</span>, <span class='st'>MA</span>
<span class="zip">02139</span><br />
<code class='homePageAddr'></code>



...followed by more affiliation div's (see above).

Under his education entry, he has a list of what appear to be honors/awards:

  <li>National Merit Scholar</li>
  <li>Natural Sciences <a
  <li><a href="">Applied Research
    Laboratories</a> Scholarship</li>


Publications section:

<h2>Selected Publications</h2>
  <li>Berners-Lee, Connolly, Swick, <a href="/1999/04/WebData"><cite>Web
    Architecture: Describing and Exchanging Data</cite></a> (World Wide Web
    Consortium Note, 1999)</li>
      <dt>Connolly, <a
      href=""><cite>The XML
      Revolution</cite></a> Nature's <a
      href="">Web Matters</a>, Oct 1998<br

Not sure what's up with the dl's.

Dan also has a section on professional experience:

<h2>Professional Experience</h2>
  <li>Domain Lead, W3C Architecture Domain, 1996-1998</li>

Also a section on 'Appearance and Awards'

<h2>Selected Appearances and Awards</h2>
    Top 25 Unsung Heroes Of The Net</cite></a> by <a
    href="">Inter@ctive Week</a> 1997</li>

Mark Pilgrim

Experiments in microformatting

Aggregate Analysis

To be filled in from the above examples, experience, and discussions.

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