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Rich Snippets is Google Search's term for the enhancement of search results ("snippets") with information from microformats from pages. Here is an example of a Google "rich snippet" for a Yelp page (marked up with hCard 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), and hReview aggregate) that shows the average review rating, number of reviews, etc.


supported microformats

Google Rich Snippets launched on 2009-05-12 with support for the following microformats:

Marking up your pages with these microformats will enable Google to better index them and potentially display them with rich snippets.

test your pages

Once you markup your pages with microformats, test them with microformats microformats validators, and the Google Rich Snippets Testing tool:

submit pages for rich snippet consideration

After validating and testing your microformats, Google has requested that you submit them for consideration for rich snippets using the following form:

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  • Jeni Tennison: What’s wrong with Google's RDFa Support - description of the numerous problems in the *RDFa* documentation/implementation of "rich snippets".
    • To Do extract these instances of real world problems, analyze for causes, and note principles and techniques for avoiding them in the future in microformats designs and examples.

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