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This is a re-grouping of the examples on species-examples

Note: the original name of the proposed microformat, "species", is likely to change, probably to "biota" or "taxon". The former has been retained here, to avoid having to make many repetitive and perhaps redundant edits

Grouped By Publisher

West Midland Bird Club

<b class="bird">Black-tailed Godwit</b>
<th scope="col">Common Name</th><th scope="col">Scientific Name</th>
<th scope="row" class="bird">Black-tailed Godwit</th><td class="sci">Limosa limosa</td>
<b class="bird">Eurasian Bitterns</b>, (<i class="sci">Botaurus stellaris</i>)
<i class="sci">Galeopsis tetrahit