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(stub from extracting a brief old brainstorm from /htodo)
(to do format effort overall)
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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[to-do]]
* [[to-do-format]]
* [[to-do-examples]]
* [[to-do-examples]]
* [[to-do-formats]]
* [[to-do-formats]]

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This page is part of an attempt to make progress on a To Do microformat (or properties for an existing microformat like h-entry) per the microformats The microformats process.

Reuse VTODO properties

Background: to-do-formats

As the VTODO data types for completed and due are the same as, e.g., dtstart, then the usage should be the same. For example,

<abbr class="due" title="2007-01-01T13:10:05.0Z">January 1, 2007</abbr>

As for percent, the contents of span with class "percent" will do, I think. If there is a "%" in the body, it can be ignored. The numerical part is assumed to be from 0-100. For example,

<span class="percent">50%</span>


<span class="percent">50</span> percent

are equivalent.

Here is a full example,

<div class="vtodo">
 <span class="summary">Create a spec for hToDo</span>
 <span class="status">first draft</span>
 Initiated <abbr class="dtstart" title="2006-05-12">May 12, 2006</abbr>

See Also