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This page is part of an attempt to make progress on a "to-do" microformat (or properties for an existing microformat like h-entry) per the microformats The microformats process.


I took at look at Basecamp. They embed todo items in a UL, a little bit like XOXO (with a lot of extra schmutz). If you assign something to someone then you get something like this:

<span><strong>Smack Man:</strong> wonder why it looks like this</span>

so what's missing here is an identifier for the person, and their role. We'd imaging something like,

<span class="htodo">
 <span class="attendee"><span class="hcard"><span class="nickname">Smack Man</span></span></span>
 <span class="summary">wonder why it looks like this</span>

(the assignment looks a bit verbose.... plus "attendee" is not exactly the right idea, but it's coming from VTODO, we we defer.)

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