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<entry-title>microformats validators</entry-title>

general purpose validators

The following validators will validate multiple microformats on a page:

microformats2 validator

new! Test your microformatted web page with:

Barnaby Walters has a hosted version of the open source php-mf2 Microformats Parsers where you can enter your markup into a textarea:

It currently supports parsing and displaying the canonical JSON for:

Bing Markup Validator

The Bing Markup Validator tests for various microformats support, including hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0, and others. Note: 2012-02-03 launch announcemnt: Bing Webmaster Center blog: Webmaster Tools Markup Validation Tool

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool can parse several microformats from a given URL and produces reports showing errors and a preview of what properties it detects. It supports a subset of properties on some microformats, however is continuously updated with more support.

microformats: hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hRecipe 0.22, hProduct, rel author (and indirectly rel="me")

Yandex microformats validator

The Yandex microformats validator parses several microformats from a URL and shows what properties it detects and/or needs.

microformats: hCard 1.0, hRecipe 0.22, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hProduct

browser microformat readers

Main article: browsers

Mozilla Firefox

Main article: Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Extensions has several add-ons you can use with microformats, such as Operator.


Main article: Operator Firefox plugin

Operator automatically detects many of the more common microformats as you browse the internet. Microformats: hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0, adr, rel author

Google Chrome

Main article: Chrome Extensions

Microformats for Google Chrome automatically detects most of the common microformats as you browse. Microformats: hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hReview-aggregate 0.2, hRecipe 0.22, Geo

specific microformats validators

hCard Validators

h-entry Validators

Operator Debugger

Main article: Operator Firefox plugin

microformats: hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0

Operator does a good job of compliant parsing for microformats in general, and includes a debug mode that can help identify errors in the structure.


Rel-Lint provides linting and inspection of rel="tag" and XFN (by )

validator project

There has been a suggestion to host an "official" microformats validator at


  • hCard validator is open-source (BSD-licensed) and extensible enough to support other microformats (it's mostly a matter of hooking up XSLT templates that extract microformat data and find errors). The codebase is pretty clean, UI is internationalized.

Who wants to help make this happen, and what do you need?

past validators


Main article: Optimus microformats transformer and validator

Optimus microformats transformer and validator is a microformats transformer and validator that supports numerous microformats including hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hAtom 0.1 (note: hAtom validation issues).

Get the Optimus microformats validator favelet. Blog post: validator browser button.

Optimus validator is not working for the moment

Therefore any page you will check through will return the message: "Microformats at this page have no errors. Congratulations." which is a false message. We will update this message when (and if) Optimus will work again.

Please add issues to the optimus-issues page.

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