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* See [[votelinks-faq]] and the broader [[rel-faq]].
* See [[votelinks-faq]] and the broader [[rel-faq]].
* See also [[votelinks-issues]] for issues which have been raised with the votelinks [[microformat]].
* See also [[votelinks-issues]] for issues which have been raised with the votelinks [[microformat]].
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Vote Links

Draft Specification 2005





This specification is (C) 2004-2023 by the authors. However, the authors intend to submit (or already have submitted, see details in the spec) this specification to a standards body with a liberal copyright/licensing policy such as the GMPG, IETF, and/or W3C. Anyone wishing to contribute should read their copyright principles, policies and licenses (e.g. the GMPG Principles) and agree to them, including licensing of all contributions under all required licenses (e.g. CC-by 1.0 and later), before contributing.


This specification is subject to a royalty free patent policy, e.g. per the W3C Patent Policy, and IETF RFC3667 & RFC3668.

Inspiration and Acknowledgments

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback on VoteLinks. Thanks especially to EtanWexler, who provided the first really good documentation that VoteLinks should be using 'rev' instead of 'rel' (see votelinks-faq), and John Allsopp who similarly challenged the use of 'rel', and helped co-author the rel-faq exploring questions and issues about the use of the HTML4 'rel', 'rev' attributes and linktypes in general.


Indexing and tracking applications treat all links as endorsements, or expressions of support. This is a problem, as we need to link to those we disagree with as well, to discuss why.


VoteLinks is an elemental microformat, one of several microformat open standards. We propose a set of three new values for the rev attribute of the <a> (hyperlink) tag in HTML.

The new values are "vote-for" "vote-abstain" or "vote-against", which are mutually exclusive, and represent agreement, abstention or indifference, and disagreement respectively.

A link without an explicit vote 'rev' value is deemed to have value "vote-for" or "vote-abstain", depending on the application.

Additional human-readable commentary can be added using the existing 'title' attribute, which most browsers show as a rollover.


<a rev="vote-for" href=""  
   title="neat spoof">Raging Cow</a>
<a rev="vote-against" href=""  
   title="nasty corn syrup drink">Raging Cow</a>

Deprecated: Using 'rel' for VoteLinks

A previous draft of the specification used the 'rel' value instead of the 'rev' attribute. Analysis and feedback has demonstrated this to have been inappropriate use of the 'rel' attribute, when the 'rev' attribute was much more important. See the rel-faq for more details.

Implementations MAY support links with the VoteLinks values in the 'rel' attribute for backward compatibility with any existing VoteLinks content.

Authors MUST NOT use 'rel' for VoteLinks values.

XMDP profile

<dl class="profile">
 <dt id="rev">rev</dt>
 <dd><p><a rel="help" href="">
         HTML4 definition of the 'rev' attribute.</a>  
  Here are some additional values.</p>
   <dt id="vote-for">vote-for</dt>
   <dd>Indicates agreement with or recommendation for the referred resource.</dd>
   <dt id="vote-abstain">vote-abstain</dt>
   <dd>Indicates abstention or indifference for the referred resource.</dd>
   <dt id="vote-against">vote-against</dt>
   <dd>Indicates disagreement with or recommendation against the referred resource.</dd>


This section is informative.

  • Paolo Massa created SemanticLinks, a small Firefox extension that shows vote-for, vote-against links information. (Note the download links for SemanticLinks have been removed by the author.)

Normative References

Related Work


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