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<entry-title>Wiki 2.0 Issues</entry-title> The following documents issues and bugs with the new wiki 2.0 launch.

Known Issues

Syntax Highlighting is Ugly

  • The default syntax highlighting stylesheet does not match the look and feel of This is because the extension has been installed as is, and a custom stylesheet hasn't been produced for languages.

Many pages have duplicate headings

  • Some pages are displayed with two titles. These are pages which haven't been updated to use the <entry-title> mark-up for page headings yet. They are currently displaying the MediaWiki default heading, as well as the heading from the previous wiki install. The page needs to be updated to use the new mark-up.

User Preferences have been reset

  • All user preferences have been reset to defaults. To switch to the new theme, user preferences had to be overwritten. Sensible defaults have been applied, but apologies to those who had customised their profiles. You need to adjust your setting again from the Special:Preferences page.


  • The #microformats IRC bot is nolonger reporting page edits. Edits of either major or minor type are nolonger echoed into #microformats IRC
    • Need to check with Ryan King or Tantek regarding how to reconfigure that. --BenWard 10:16, 17 November 2008 (UTC)

Top Navigation Bar

  • Absolutely beautiful upgrade, Ben. But because the wiki is now so integrated with the uf look and feel, people are going to wonder where the About/Code+Tools/Get Started links have gone. 17:12, 17 November 2008 (UTC)

Fixed Issues

TOC overlaps preceding text

  • The TOC overlaps preceding paragraphs of text. This is an error in the stylesheet. For visual effect the TOC gets pulled upward to overlap titles, but does not account for being preceded by a paragraph, rather than the page heading.

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