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One of several microformats [[implementations]].
One of several microformats [[implementations]].
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* [[cms]] ([[movable-type]])
* [[cms]] ([[movable-type]])
* [[implementations]]
* [[implementations]]
* [http://wordpressthemes.eu.com/ wordpress themes]

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One of several microformats implementations. WordPress is an open source blogging tool, that has been more broadly described as a "state-of-the-art publishing platform" and a content management system (cms).

Adding Microformats Support to WordPress


Become familiar with existing WordPress support for microformats.


Use one of the numerous a microformats-powered wordpress-themes, such as:

See wordpress-themes for more.


Main article: {{{2}}}

Use microformats-enabling wordpress-plugins, such as:

See wordpress-plugins for more.

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