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* [[cms]]
* [[cms]]
* [[implementations]]
* [[implementations]]
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<entry-title>WordPress Plugins</entry-title>

These plugins add microformats functionality to WordPress, one of several microformats Microformats Implementations. For an ever-changing list of WordPress plugins utilizing microformats, see plugins tagged microformats on WordPress.org.

Blog Summary

The Blog Summary plugin produces a customizable, hAtom-enabled XOXO-friendly list of recent posts via the shortcode [blog-summary]. By Scott Allan Wallick.


GigPress is a WordPress plugin that manages and displays concerts and tours for bands or other touring acts, and outputs them with hCalendar markup. By Derek Hogue


Displays avatars for commenters based on the hCards on the URL they leave behind.

Try the Test page or download version: 0.3 (latest at 2008-02-09).

Test hAvatar by typing: hg clone static-http://alper.nl/hg/havatar/

See the initial announcement and update announcement, and the known issues in the README.

hCard About Box

hCard Commenting

Microformatted Blogroll

Save Microformats Plugin


rel-me publishing

Plugins that implement publishing rel="me" links to other services and profiles:

TinyMCE plugins

If you use the TinyMCE plugin, consider also installing the following:

  • TinyMCE hCard (was at http://www.undergroundwebdesigns.com/tinyMCE-hcard-plugin.html) - adds a [1] icon in your tinyMCE toolbar that provides a form for creating an hCard contact.
  • TinyMCE hCalendar (was at http://www.undergroundwebdesigns.com/tinyMCE-hcalendar-plugin.html) - adds a new [2] icon in your tinyMCE toolbar that provides a form for creating an hCalendar event.

See also the instructions for installing these TinyMCE plugins in modx (tweeted).


Related Links

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