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<entry-title>X2V</entry-title> X2V is an open source microformats XSLT implementation by Brian Suda that parses hCard or hCalendar events in (X)HTML and transforms them into the corresponding vCard (.vcf) or iCalendar (.ics) file respectively.

Technorati hosts a deployment of X2V for converting hCard contacts or hCalendar events at:

The latest beta and development versions of X2V can be tested at:


Feature requests and other general feedback. When this section grows to big we can move it to x2v-feedback.

  • Would be great if X2V implemented the full value-class-pattern or even parts thereof, e.g. value-title. Tantek 07:20, 25 June 2009 (UTC)


Bugs or other apparent problems. See x2v-issues.

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