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== XMDP Examples in the Wild ==
== XMDP Examples in the Wild ==
* [http://nanobox.chipx86.com/profile/1.3/ General Meta Data Profile, 1.3]
* [http://iamalpha.com/.developer/profile/ AOL ModuleT: A Module Transport Microformat Profile]
* ...
* [http://nanobox.chipx86.com/profile/1.3/ David Hammond's General Meta Data Profile, 1.3]
* [http://loadaveragezero.com/xml/xmdp.php Douglas Clifton's XMDP file] (Note: [http://loadaveragezero.com/app/dbrowse/laz/tables/xmdp/data Douglas Clifton stores his XMDP relationsips in a database]).
** This XMDP is not valid, or rather only defines new <code>meta</code> names (which doesn't seem to be the intent), with definition prose like "Defines the relationship" which seems to imply a <code>rel</code> value rather than a meta name. In additional, values like "license" and "tag", in addition to also being 'rel' values, should simply normatively reference [[rel-license]] and [[rel-tag]] respectively rather than redefining them, and "copyright" and "help" do not require definition at all because they are among the [http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/types.html#type-links predefined link types in HTML4].

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XMDP Examples

There are numerous examples of XMDP profiles in microformats of course (e.g. the XFN profile: http://gmpg.org/xfn/11), but some folks have started using XMDP to document the semantics of their own sites.

XMDP Examples in the Wild