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XOXO Issues


  • 2007-08-07 raised by User:Tantek and User:Kevin_Marks (originally raised sometime in 2005 or 2006, but captured 2007-08-07).
    • [11:31am] KevinMarks: Tantek and I had a big unresolved debate about this a long time ago, involving more 'special' elements to preserve ordered/unordered status
    • [11:31am] KevinMarks: for the ul vs ol distinction
    • [11:31am] tantek: I believe it was the user/web-designer/publisher perspective vs. the scripting-language data-structure perspective.
    • e.g. web designer / HTML / posh perspective, vs. JSON perspective.
  • 2005-06-21 raised by Hixie
    1. Issue H-1: This specification is lacking a user agent conformance section. There's basically nothing that says how XOXO documents must be parsed, how to handle errors, and so forth. Is it defined in terms of the DOM? Is it defined in terms of a serialisation? How do you handle unexpected content or missing content?

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