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I User:Brian have been working on a web service to convert XOXO lists into OPML. The service can be found at http://suda.co.uk/projects/microformats/xoxo/ another can be found at http://xoxotools.ning.com/outlineconvert.php and another here http://decafbad.com/2005/11/gopher-ng/ for generating OPML to be used with Hyperscope.

This page is used to document any issues in XSLT that converts XOXO to OPML, any short comings that need to be addressed in XOXO that are REQUIRED in OPML, and any issues with News Readers when they import OPML files that have been generated from XOXO. The original request was to the mailing list on September 25th

XSLT Issues

Currently the output from the XOXO to OPML web service does not validate against the BETA OPML validator at [1] the errors/warnings are vauge and are not really issues because the files are still correctly imported into Several Applications

I have no idea if there is an Enumerated List of possible TYPE values in OPML, at the moment i am using the TYPE attribute in HTML and that is MimeType.

New Readers

Please follow the format and add any issues with your News Reader


  • Platform: OSX
  • Version: 3.5 (v134.2)
  • notes: This correctly imports the OPML file and added a column for each attribute.


  • Platform: OSX
  • Version:
  • notes: No issues importing, imports and tried to fetch non-rss/atom files.
  • autodiscovery: ???


  • Platform: online
  • notes: seems to correctly import the OPML, and will also import raw XOXO