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** [ search Yahoo for GEO]
** [ search Yahoo for GEO]
** [ search Yahoo for rel-tag]
** [ search Yahoo for rel-tag]
** All of these microformat filters can be used with the BOSS APIs as well.
** All of these microformat filters can be used with the BOSS API as well.

=== YQL ===
=== YQL ===

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<entry-title>Yahoo Search</entry-title>

Yahoo is one of several search engines that index and support microformats.

main search supports rel="nofollow" (since 2005(?) citation needed).

advanced search

Through additional user interfaces:

search APIs and tools

Yahoo provides search APIs like:



Yahoo SearchMonkey supports hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hAtom 0.1, others - launched 2008 May. SearchMonkey is Yahoo!'s program for collecting and displaying structured data, including microformats.


Yahoo Query Language uses an SQL-like syntax to "normalize" web service calls. In addition to wrapping web services such as Flickr, Yelp, and Zillow, YQL also enables you to extract content directly from web pages. As part of that functionality, YQL can query and filter on microformats. For example, the YQL query: * from microformats where url%3D''&format=xml

extracts all microformats from a particular page on

see also