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Odeo supports microformats

Odeo has just announced that they are supporting microformats.

They’re currently supporting rel-tag, rel-enclosure, and xfn and seem to be interested in media metadata.

See their blog post for more.


Greasemonkey and Microformats

George recently wrote and released:

…a Greasemonkey user script that will find those hCalendar events and provide a link to import them into any calendar program that supports the iCalendar format… any time you see an event on the web that has hCalendar information, you can click a link and it’ll be added to your calendar so you don’t have to copy the information by hand.

Nicely done George. Next up, who is going to write a Greasemonkey user script (or extend George’s) to detect hCards and provide links to import them into any address book program that supports the vCard format?

Update: George himself has written it. See his updated blogpost to get it.


Flickr and Microformats

microforats magnifying glass

In the picture to the right, Stewart Butterfield of Flickr/Ludicorp/Yahoo is holding up a magnifying glass over a (name)tag that says “Sexy!”.Apparently, the nametag says “Stewart,” not “Sexy.” I swear there was a nametag around that said “Sexy,” and I swear I saw Stewart with it in his hands. Of course, I did have a few beers before that point. :)

Perhaps Flickr will even support microformats?


Mailing List Archives

We’ve got archives set up for our mailing lists. Yay Kragen!

The archive for microformats-announce is here (subscription info is here).

The archive for microformats-discuss is here (subscription info is here).

The archive for microformats-dev is here (subscription info is here).

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XOXO outline editor in javascript

Les Orchard has written a nice XOXO outline editor in javascript. Imagine what you could do with some AJAX to “autosave” this XOXO outline to the server, and allow multiple users to edit different subpoints simultaneously.