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Lee Jordan lee.jordan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 01:15:18 PST 2008

On Feb 9, 2008 11:54 PM, Michael MD <mdagn at spraci.com> wrote:
> >It's just an example, with measurements marked up as such which means
> >hey can be converted, click the convert link by the measure
> Will software using hMeasure need to use a database of all commonly used
> measurment units and alternate spellings of the units?
> (eg metre/meter, litre/liter)
> >I've added a couple of non-spec bits:
> >* measure-convention to aid conversions
> >* dietry-suitable and equally dietry-unsuitable as dietry I thought
> >didn't mean anything!
> dietry-suitable - will that be a list of predefined standard keywords used
> there?
> If someone were to aggregate recipies and make them searchable and
> then someone wanted to search for a list of recipies suitable for people
> with a specific food intolerance (eg: wheat allergy), I think it could be
> helpful if some kind of standard vocabulary could be used.
> >* duration <- it's not in a vevent block but borrows its design, only
> >having one instance of duration was restrictive.
> Clearly so ...
> the start datetime (important in hCalendar) would not be needed for this,
> but durations clearly are important!
> Btw could there be a way to distinguish the duration "total time" from a
> duration of an individual step?

Dietry: Could do with some work on this, it could again follow the
abbr design pattern and include in the title as a coded reference
string. veg:vegan:lact:wheat:halal, harder work for the parsers
though, but easier than marking up each deitry requirement word and in
any case my spelling or wirless keyboard is terrible, "dietary" lol.
dietary-allergy="" could mark out allergies, you could then search on
alergies and requirements differently, ie vegetarian but avoiding
wheat. Either way dietary requirements I think should have an
importance in the "relevance" of a recipe to a person.

Units: I had trouble actually with the expanded title of the
measurement unit. It makes sense if it's in an abbr to write grams,
ounces etc, but that's really a headache for parsers and yeah you'd
need a database of known units.

Duration: Agreed, I think it's wise to stray away from a vevent
restriction on durations. In the example you could put a duration on
each li tag in the method block? Step one takes this long, step 2
takes that long and so forth and derive a total duration from that.

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