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I'm new to microformats and would sincerely appreciate if somebody could
spare a couple of minutes to give me their valuable opinion on a proposed
implementation of microformats. I wouldn't even call myself a programmer so
please forgive any errors.



I've done a test page and obvious want to make sure everything is ok before
I implement microformats sitewide:





It's a review of a hotel/booking page.


My main points are:


*	Hreview - Because of the way the page is already structured I've had
to wrap hreview around columns 2 and 3. This takes in some superfluous
information (i.e Popular hotels in Manchester) but I can't see a way around
it without changing the structure of the page - which is pretty undesirable
for this site as its about 4000 pages 
*	All the address info, review info is contained within the info box
in column 3 <div class="info vcard item">, the 'description' itself is
before this in column 2. 
*	Address info - I've not put the country in as it's a UK site and
fairly obvious to readers. Is country info necessary, especially with regard
to search engines? 
*	Photos - I've assigned image class 'photo' to each photo. Is
anything else necessary? 


Google's rich snippet tool seems to like it, although it doesn't pick up any
image info




Please let me know if there is anything different you would do.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind regards

David Mottershead | Visit North West




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