[microformats-discuss] Repeating cal events?

Assaf assaf.arkin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 10:27:55 PDT 2005

Brian Suda wrote:

>>I believe this would be the markup equivalent using hCalendar (note: this is
>>only a fragment of an event):
>><abbr class="dtstart" title="20050623T121000">12:10 pm</abbr> -
>><abbr class="duration" title="PT40M">12:50 pm</abbr>
>><abbr class="rrule" title="FREQ=WEEKLY;COUNT=17;INTERVAL=2;BYDAY=TH"> every
>>other Thursday for 34 weeks</abbr>,
>I think that rrule and exrule are still up for debate, if we follow
>the same convention for this as other properties with attributes then
>the values should be seperated from the property names (we currently
>don't do this for TEL because there is only one property type 'TYPE'
>but with RRULE there are several). Since these attributes also have
>values, i think that they should be represented seperately nested
>within the property.
>For example:
><abbr class="dtstart" title="20050623T121000">12:10 pm</abbr> -
><abbr class="duration" title="PT40M">12:50 pm</abbr>
><span class="rrule">
><abbr class="freq" title="WEEKLY"/>
><abbr class="count" title="17"/>
><abbr class="interval" title="2"/>
><abbr class="byday" title="TH"/>
>every other Thursday for 34 weeks</span>,
>since each attrubute is independant of the others (IMHO) they should
>be broken out. X2V currently does NOT support rrule because i think it
>was dropped from the ICAL BASIC spec.
>Does anyone else have a thought on how to encode the above?
I don't see the independence. The start and end time are somewhat 
independent, if I lose dtstart then dtend is still correct. Without 
dtstart I can't use duration to calculate dtend, but I can still 
calculate how many coffee breaks I need. On the other hand, freq=weekly 
is plain wrong, the event repeats every fourteen days. And the interval 
is much shorter if it repeated on both Thursday and Sunday. At the event 
level I see it as an opaque value.



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