[microformats-discuss] Human readable value

Jeff Lindsay progrium at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 01:31:40 PDT 2005

As I understand it, the actual value for most of the elemental
microformats is found in the href attribute  (assuming within an
anchor tag, which seems to be implied for the microformats I'm talking
about: xfn, votelink, the rels). I'm wondering where I should look for
a single human readable value... the text content of the element, or
if specified, the title attribute of the element.

An example using xfn:

<a href="http://an9.org" rel="met friend colleague"
title="anarkystic">Andy Smith</a>

Well, to stray for a moment, one thing I'm not sure has been discussed
being a machine usability question is how would you represent this as
data? Would you consider this one piece of data being an9.org links to
a "met, friend, colleague" or would you consider it three pieces of
data: met = an9.org, friend = an9.org, colleague = an9.org? I
understand this might not be important at the moment since it's very
much a machine usability question, but maybe it's been discussed or
thought on?

Anyway, however you organize this as data, let's assume the url is the
value. If I were to pick one other value to be the human readable
value, am I better off using the title attribute value than the
element's content?
Jeff Lindsay

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