[microformats-discuss] RelPayment: Requesting comments

Andreas Haugstrup solitude at solitude.dk
Mon Aug 8 09:57:46 PDT 2005

Hey all,

In videoblogging land we've been working on the RelPayment microformat. It  
didn't gather any comments here the first time around, but I thought I'd  
try again.

The draft is at <URL: http://videovertigo.org/wiki/index.php/RelPayment >

In videoblogging land we would like to move this draft from the  
videovertigo wiki to microformats.org. The thought is that we'd like to  
avoid having RelPayment branded as a 'video' thing instead of a general  
purpose format. What's the process here? Can I just create a new page on  
the microformats.org wiki for this? There are programmers of feed readers  
who would like to support this today rather than tomorrow, so we'd like to  
get the 'draft' sticker off this thing soon. It is after all not a very  
complicated format.

- Andreas
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