[microformats-discuss] Weblog entries and forum posts

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Fri Aug 12 04:03:25 PDT 2005

Hi Geof,

This is exactly the kind of user case. I'm up to my elbows in 
Greasemonkey write now trying to make a sample I can share with folks. 
You may also want to look at the "reblg.com" people and see what they're 

I'm having a bit of trouble (i.e. a lot) with a upstream router but 
hopefully I can share a little demo very soon.

Regards, etc...

 > I'm very interested in a microformat for forum posts, which I think
 > have virtually the same requirements as blog posts.  While I haven't
 > thought of any significant differences, someone else might.

 > In my case, I need hooks for Javascript to extract information from
 > forum posts in order to support annotation and contextualized
 > copy-paste operations for individual posts on a page [1].  In future,
 > I see this kind of functionality could be external to a web
 > application (e.g. in a browser extension), but for that we need a
 > standard.  Your sample format would satisfy me, as it has all the
 > necessary properties (content, title, author, date, url), and is very
 > close to the Atom-based format I am currently using.

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