[microformats-discuss] Hi - microformat support in CMSs

Marius Scurtescu marius.scurtescu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 17:47:18 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I discovered the microformats site and concept recently and I think
that this is an extremely important development.

While specialized browser support is very appealing (Greasemonkey
scripts or extensions) I think that for the next while it will be very
important to add microformat support to diverse CMSs, regardless of
the browser or configuration used.

I can see three different areas where support can be added:

1. Microformat authoring. Ideally editor extensions like the hCard or
hCalendar creators should be available when you enter some content in
a CMS.

2. Microformat formatting and augmenting. Ideally microformat content
entered in a CMS will be processed by filters so it is augmented. An
hCard can be rendered with special buttons for vCard download and
linking to a mapping site.

3. Microformat postprocessing. Microformat content could be extracted,
by a filter as well, and stored in some other format. For example, you
could enter an event in hCalendar format for a news item, a filter can
capture this and insert the event into a calendar module database.

Probably these ideas are not new, I was wondering what other people
think about them. I you know of something similar, could you please
send a pointer?

If no one else is doing something like this I would like, as a start,
to give 1. above a try and write plugins for WordPress and/or Drupal
(for hCard and hCalendar).

Any thoughts or comments more than appreciated.


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