[microformats-discuss] Re: Blog post format challenge - content vs summary

Geoffrey Glass geof at geof.net
Sat Aug 13 18:29:46 PDT 2005

Thanks for the comments Ryan & David.

> Not bad, class="item" would be another option.

I'm inclined towards Ryan's choice of "entry" from Atom.

The word "post" may be inappropriate.  My use cases for the format 
aren't necessarily restricted to blog and form posts (neither is Atom).  
For example, I have requests for the ability of instructors to annotate 
assignments, in which case an assignment would need to be tagged like a 
blog post.

I don't know what the implications are of using a blog microformat as a 
more generic format for sub-page-level content.  I have dark visions of 
authors of single-post pages running in circles, duplicating page 
metadata (title, author, etc.) using both HTML conventions (<title>, 
<meta>) and the microformat.

Are we creating a microformat analog to Atom, or are we only providing a 
format for posts? 
We could emulate core aspects of Atom and say nothing about the nature 
of the content;  or, we could say this is exclusively for blog posts 
(and possibly forum posts), and any other use is outside the format (in 
my case, I could use a different class on the root element of an 

> Why not rel="self permalink" ?
> This is already in use for a lot of blogging platforms, I'm not sure  
> if there's a normative definition anywhere, but I think the semantics  
> are pretty well established.

I haven't seen this, but I agree it's much better than my interim choice 
of "link".  David's entrylink also seems reasonable.

> I think this is a minority of blogs (though I may be wrong) and  
> probably troublesome. Also, this method of posting has too many  
> problems for us to solve here.

Well, with an ID and permalink there's certainly enough information to 
work out what's what. 
I disagree that this is uncommon, especially if we look at the wider 
applications of syndication:  summary is certainly normal for commercial 
information services.  It's similar to the debate over partial- vs 
full-text feeds.


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