[microformats-discuss] Re: Blog post format challenge - content vs summary

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Sun Aug 14 02:04:15 PDT 2005

And blogger uses "post" as well, but identifies subelements as 
"post-title"; Movable Type, at least in my personal blog identifies it 
as "blogbody" BUT typepad identifies it as "entry"! And there's a lot of 
MovableType and typepress blogs out there.

I'm 99% percent a "stand on the shoulders of giants" type of guy, which 
leads me to the following criteria for nomenclature:

- many of the microformats on microformats.org have unique names that 
identify the enclosing element that are unlikely to _accidently_ appear 
in XHTML (enclosed elements do not need the prefix)
- many of the microformats use a single letter prefix in front of a more 
specific word
- many of the microformats on microformats.org build upon well-specified 
external standards that a lot of smart people put a lot of work into 
(you folks discussing bibliographies should note this too ... librarians 
have a lot of time on their hands and have been doing it for centuries!)

These criteria led me to:
- Atom for for naming criteria -- trust me when I say we don't want to 
start redebating the decisions these people laboured over for the couple 
of years
- "x" as the prefix on "entry" (following "xfolk"); "hentry" [thanks 
Lucas Gonze] or "aentry" make a lot of sense also, or perhaps something 
entirely different may suffice also

The problem with "post" and "entry" is that there would be a lot of 
blogs the _appear_ to be compliant with the microformat but actually aren't!

Regards, etc...

Ryan King wrote:
> On Aug 13, 2005, at 6:29 PM, Geoffrey Glass wrote:
>> Thanks for the comments Ryan & David.
>>> Not bad, class="item" would be another option.
>> I'm inclined towards Ryan's choice of "entry" from Atom.
>> The word "post" may be inappropriate.
> Innapropriate or not, its currently in use, esp. in Wordpress.

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