Subject: Cite format [was Re: [microformats-discuss] Re: intro]

Tim White tjameswhite at
Sun Aug 14 17:49:20 PDT 2005

I'm glad to see some others interested in working on this. I had some
discussions a few weeks ago with Ryan about how to go about starting on
a microformat for this, but I haven't been able to do much work on it.

It looks like Brian and Ed have some really good ideas, and more
knowledge than I. My thoughts have been much simpler in scope -- how do
I distinguish between a book, television show, poem, play, etc.? Ever
since I learned HTML the <cite> element seemed too limited.

My thinking has always been limited to a distinction in the CSS --
<cite class="book"> gets italicized, <cite class="poem"> is roman with
quotes dropped around it, etc. -- but that was before the Microformat
idea came around. Clearly there are more advanced uses.

I'm certainly interested in helping. I actually work at a large
reference publisher and I'm starting to wonder how we could use
something like this, both in our online catalog and electronic

~ Tim

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