[microformats-discuss] Citation Microformat

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 02:10:32 PDT 2005

There have been several people expressing their interest in a Citation
Microformat. A page has been started on the Microformats' wiki to
address the creation and documentation of such a microformat:


My experience with citations are limited to BibTeX references and MLA
format for some high-school papers i wrote LONG ago. So other people's
input is more than welcome.

A big task for the Citation format is not to get wrapped-up in
attempting to describe every last possible piece of information that is
referencable. So we need to design a flexible, light-weight format, that
can easily be reused in other microformats and stand-alone by itself.

I can certainly spear-head and coordinate the effort on the construction
of this microformat, but i need the communities help in selecting what
goes in and what gets thrown out.

A Citation brainstorming page has also been created to get some ideas on
the table.



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