[microformats-discuss] Blog post format thoughts on xentry: entrylink, id, updated

Andreas Haugstrup solitude at solitude.dk
Tue Aug 16 12:58:55 PDT 2005

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 06:12:55 +0200, Geoffrey Glass <geof at geof.net> wrote:

> The only name that causes my trouble is "entrylink", as all the others  
> match Atom element names.  The obvious alternative is "link", which does  
> match the Atom element name but may be more likely to conflict with  
> existing classes.

It should be a rel attribute and not a class name anyway. "bookmark" is in  
use on blogs now as is "permalink". I prefer "permalink", since I find  
"bookmark" as it's defined in the HTML specification not to be the best  

- Andreas
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