[microformats-discuss] hreview - aggregation

Stephen Downes stephen at downes.ca
Sat Aug 27 16:25:53 PDT 2005


I have been reviewing the hreview specification 
http://microformats.org/wiki/hreview which on the whole looks pretty solid.

I am wondering whether people have considered the expression of 
aggregated reviews and/or ratings.

In such a case, the ratings values themselves would be collected and 
averaged, presented as a single value.

This, from what I can see thus far, could be accomplished with the 
existing spec, with two changes:
   - 'rating' would allow real numbers (eg., 3.5) and not only integers
   - an additional element, 'number' or 'n' would indicate the number of 
ratings collected to produce the average

An aggregation would then (optionally) list individual ratings, along 
with the identity of the evaluator.

Since I *will* be doing this in the field of learning resources, it 
would be helpful to have a canonical vocabulary in which to express it.

-- Stephen


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