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brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 09:57:44 PST 2005

80% is exactly the point, i have started to put together a list of
"common" citation types, MODS, BibTeX, Dublin Core, etc. Then trying to
map the names between the many different formats, DC.Title->Title,
Bibtex.year->DC.Date, etc.

Then when we find all the common propties, we just give them our own
names (title, description, etc). Then everyone will know that the
Microformat.Title maps to ... in their own format. The cite-format[1]
page is the start of the current mappings, feel free to add/edit/delete
the terms.

>From that we can start to work-out the best way to encode the data.


[1] - http://microformats.org/wiki/cite-formats

Ed Summers wrote:

>On 12/20/05, Tim White <tjameswhite at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Brian Suda and I have had some on-again, off-again discussions
>>regarding a citation microformat. As this thread points out, solving
>>the whole thing in one shot is rather tricky.
>Well, perhaps rather than solving 100% of the citation problems out
>there we could focus on the 80% that openurl key/value pairs cover. It
>really doesn't need to be that involved does it?
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