[microformats-discuss] personal intro

Jeff Barr jeff at vertexdev.com
Sat Jul 2 13:34:33 PDT 2005


I am Jeff Barr, and I was invited in to this group by Tantek.

During the day I'm the Web Services Evangelist for Amazon.com
(http://www.amazon.com/webservices). We've exposed our entire
product catalog and our shopping cart using SOAP and REST-based
APIs. We've also exposed the 300TB archive of Alexa crawl

Before dawn and after dusk I work on Syndic8 (http://www.syndic8.com),
a large directory of RSS and Atom feeds. Syndic8 has over 400,000
feeds in its database, a complete XML-RPC interface, and a very
strong user community.


* RSS Feeds:       http://www.syndic8.com
* Blog:            http://www.syndic8.com/~jeff/blog/
* Web Services:    http://aws.typepad.com
* Resume:          http://www.syndic8.com/~jeff/resume.html

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