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Simon simonlilja at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 07:31:29 PDT 2005

Hi, I'm Simon Lilja and I'm an amateur web designer from Sweden.

I for one do not have a personal blog/site, my host had a slight mishap 
while moving
the databases to a new server and they were lost in space. (whoever told me 
backing up databases was silly should be forced to eat my grandmas pork 
for a month, they taste horrible)

I got to hear about microformats from a fellow staff member (I know you're 
out there somewhere)
at neverside.com <http://neverside.com>. Actually, I heard about it before 
but he got me interested in it
and made me sign up to this mail list. I like the whole idea behind it and 
wait to learn more. (I'll admit it, I was rather puzzled about microformats 
I first visited the site, it took me a while to understand it)

Just like some of the others I hope to learn more about microformats. :)

On 7/2/05, Ryan King <ryan at technorati.com> wrote:
> We've had a lot of people join the list recently and most people
> probably don't know who else is subscribed to the list (there's 51
> total). So, some personal introductions are in order... I'll start:
> I'm Ryan King. I'm currently working at Technorati and studying at
> the University of San Francisco. My background is in Computer Science
> and most of my development experience is in web development (html/css/
> php/(my|postgres)sql).
> I have a blog at http://theryanking.com/blog/.
> -ryan
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> Ryan King
> ryan at technorati.com
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