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Edward Mac Gillavry mail at webmapper.net
Tue Jul 5 03:20:34 PDT 2005

Hi folks,

I'm a Dutch (really!) cartographer and work as an independent developer of 
online mapping applications using Open Source technology whenever I can. You 
can read my thoughts on web cartography, online mapping and geo-blogging at 
(www.webmapper.net). And yes, I used to work for Multimap.com before I 
re-migrated (is there such a word?) to the Netherlands.

Attended Where 2.0 last week and joined the list after I met Tantek, Ryan 
and Ian at the geo microformats BOF session. Having followed similar 
discussions on the geowanking mailing list, I hope that this discussion list 
benefits from having a fairly focussed objective in mind for using a geo 

Previous discussions are found here:
- Location encodings, URL schemes 
- Formal location metadata in blog description area 

Kind regards,


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> We've had a lot of people join the list recently and most people  probably 
> don't know who else is subscribed to the list (there's 51  total). So, 
> some personal introductions are in order... I'll start:
> I'm Ryan King. I'm currently working at Technorati and studying at  the 
> University of San Francisco. My background is in Computer Science  and 
> most of my development experience is in web development (html/css/ 
> php/(my|postgres)sql).
> I have a blog at http://theryanking.com/blog/.
> -ryan
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