[microformats-discuss] xFolk 0.4

Eran limbo at actcom.co.il
Sun Jul 10 18:13:02 PDT 2005

Hey Guys.

At Ryan's suggestion I took a look at xFolk for publishing a list of
tagged resources (links, text, images, etc.) Since I'm interested in
tagging different types of media (some might even be in-lined in the
microformat content) I started thinking about the "taggedLink" class.
I've seen comments on this issue on the original post -
comments but I think it might merit some additional discussion.

>From a semantic standpoint I find that "taggedLink" is misleading, the
tags are not comments on the link, they are comments on the _linked
page_ (as represented by its URL). The subject, if you will, is the
resource _pointed at_ by the link. To represent this concept  better we
should use a class name like "taggedResource" or even just "tagged".
This might look like nitpicking but we are, after all, discussing
semantics here.

As a follow-up, I'd like to bring up a question: would it be possible to
use class="tagged" on different types of elements? Say, an IMG, or even
just a SPAN? That would make it easier to tag rich-media objects in
their "natural form", improving the microformats readability for people
(when looking at a tagged image I expect to see an image not a link to


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