[microformats-discuss] xFolk 0.4

Eran limbo at speakeasy.net
Sun Jul 10 21:33:34 PDT 2005

> Late here on the east cost.  Early in Israel I'm assuming.  The
> examples help, and I want to accommodate practice.

West coast, actually, getting late here as well. No idea how wide
microformat adoption is in israel... :)

> Do you really want to tag <span>'s?  Could you elaborate on that use
> case some more?  Here's what I currently understand:
> 1.  You want to tag the comment.  If the comment had a url, that
> would be easy.  Without a URL, harder, BUT the comment could easily  
> have its own URL (give it an ID and then the URL is of the form  
> http://somedomain.com/itemTagged#commentID).

I'm trying to accommodate an existing system that I have little control
over. I might have URI to access a specific comment but I want to be
ready for the case that I don't. I'll definitely know more tomorrow. If
I do not have a URI for the comment, this becomes complicated as the
main use for the microformat will be in RSS. I don't know if I can point
to a specific anchor in an RSS file but that's beyond the scope of this
discussion anyway. I like the idea of having the textual content in-line
with the tags, it seems better from a presentation standpoint but I can
always hack it into place somehow.

> Let's forestall a decision on taggedlink for now.  I see your
> argument, but I have to weigh it in light of changing the 
> standard or  
> adding an alias.  That complicates parsing, and others are just  
> accepting taggedlink.  I still do like the idea of 
> reinforcing we are  
> talking about something linked to from the page.

No problem. I know how hard it is to change a format that's already in


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