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Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Thu Jul 14 14:11:19 PDT 2005

Panayotis Vryonis asked:

A CV microformat -does it make sense?


And the answer is...


In fact, about a month ago, after bumping into Dave McClure from  
simplyhired.com, stated that there is a great need for it. So,  
finally, we (Tantek, Kevin and I) met with Dave and his crew (James  
and Sachin, welcome to the list), to get some discussion started  
about a resume microformat*.

I've collected our notes from the meeting on the wiki:

* http://microformats.org/wiki/resume-formats documents common resumé  
formats, as described by the simplyhired guys (who see lots of  
resumés). Please add any examples to that page, but keep it all  
descriptive. For analysis and other ideas, see

* http://microformats.org/wiki/resume-brainstorming, which captures  
some initial thoughts on how a format could be put together. Feel  
free to add commentary there or on this list.


* Someone's already asked if a resumé format would still be  
considered 'micro,' but IMHO, microformats are more about the  
principles than the size.
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