[microformats-discuss] reblogging needs proper citation, source attribution, as does localization/translation

Eran limbo at speakeasy.net
Thu Jul 14 15:41:15 PDT 2005

> > I've been thinking about a similar scenario lately. We're somewhat
> > stuck
> > with regards to copyright and license information. Wide adoption of
> > rel=License would definitely be a big help in this case. 
> Maybe some  
> > work
> > on HTMLizing CC's RDF based format?
> uh. rel-license?

Yep that's what I meant with rel=license. I'd love to see more people
using it so I don't have to scrape license info. That's only the start
though, we need a format for the license itself, I don't think
rel-license deal with that.


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