[microformats-discuss] reblogging needs proper citation, source attribution, as does localization/translation

Andreas Haugstrup solitude at solitude.dk
Thu Jul 14 19:02:32 PDT 2005

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 23:15:00 +0200, Tantek Çelik <tantek at technorati.com>  

> Agreed. There needs to be proper <blockquote>ing built into any such  
> reblogging with use of the 'cite' attribute to link to the original, and  
> perhaps a user-visible hyperlinked <cite><a href="...">blogged  
> from</a></cite> as well.

Of course quotes need to be handled appropriately. In many cases a reblog  
is just a straight copy of an entire post from somewhere else and not a  
quote though. In that case I don't think a <blockquote> is the cleanest  
way to handle it.

When you are making straight copies the trick is *not* to create a second  
permalink for this copy. After all you are not creating a new entry, you  
are simply referencing a post somewhere else. That means you need a way of  
distinguishing permalinks from other links (ie. a microformat for blogs -  
more on that later).

See also: <URL: http://www.solitude.dk/archives/20050103-0020/ > (the XMDP  
profile linked is old, and doesn't reflect my current stance on a format  
for blogs).

See also: <URL: http://www.solitude.dk/ > where permalinks on photo  
entries go straight to the domain where they are reblogged from  
(scatterjoy.net) instead of having a second permalink on solitude.dk.

- Andreas
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