[microformats-discuss] [admin] Microformats and the Semantic Web = open ended discussion

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Tue Jul 19 09:08:00 PDT 2005

On 7/19/05 8:55 AM, "Bud Gibson" <bud at thecommunityengine.com> wrote:

> Tantek:
> I understand why you have little stomach for this.

Bud, it is a simple matter of signal to noise.  This kind of discussion
usually ends up with lots of noise, with very little signal.  This kind of
discussion is also much better suited to interactive, preferably face to
face discussions.  I realize the face-to-face aspect is not available to
everyone, so for that, I encourage folks to use the IRC channel.

> It seems not to  
> lead to  a conclusion.


> It seems relatively uninformed

Not necessarily.  Often such discussions take place by and for informed

> and maybe even  
> demanding change when issues have not been adequately thought through.

The irony is that often such discussions don't often demand change either.
That's not the problem.

> Brian, I'll respond to you separately, as I do not want to burden
> people who have little stomach for this.  I feel you are hitting on a
> central point of confusion for people who are in the dirty business
> trying to write code and don't have the benefit of a lot of
> experience with microformats.  Perhaps, we could start a google group
> called microformat-hacking (microntent-hacking?) for people who are
> more in that mode.

Bud, I'm unclear on how you see "Microformats and Semantic Web" (this
thread) has having to do with "the dirty business trying to write code"
(what you appear to be interested in).  Perhaps you just wanted to introduce
the subject currently on your mind?

If you want to talk about coding issues, please do, though the
microformats-dev list is a better place to raise those.



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