[microformats-discuss] hCard and spam

Robert Bachmann rbach at rbach.priv.at
Tue Jul 19 16:06:15 PDT 2005

I see a possible disadvantage of hCard usage.

"mailto:" and "@" make it easy for spammers to collect email addresses.
I suposse a lot of email address collection programs uses either
"mailto:" or "@" to recognize email addresses.
But perhaps there is a work around:
Instead of writing

 <a class="email"
 href="mailto:rbach at rbach.priv.at">rbach at rbach.priv.at</a>

one could write:

 <a class="e&#109;ail"

It's still valid XHTML but AFAIK most email address collection programs
do not resolve entities.

This is just a tought.

Robert Bachmann <rbach at rbach.priv.at> (OpenPGP KeyID: 0x4A5CCF10)

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