[microformats-discuss] Microformat for blog-search and characterizing

Björn Seibert bjoernseibert at gmx.de
Thu Jul 21 06:28:47 PDT 2005

Hi, I was thinking about a format for blogs. The issue was that although 
e.g. Technorati is using a summary, for me personally I can't find out 
efficiently what's a blog about considering the fast growing number of 
blogs. So I'm following lots of links that aren't of interest for me.

Such a format offers a set of information for characterisation or 
classification of Weblogs.  Thus search services etc. could be supplied 
efficiently with the necessary information.  It would be possible for 
services to seek out and use the information for search results.  In 
addition, visitors of the Website/Weblogs could quickly find out, where 
the emphasis lay and get the feeds.

I already thought about the possible XHTML-Listing, but first want to 
share your opinions about a possible format for characterizing and 
finding blogs.

(sorry for my little bumpy English)


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